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Nie makluman yang aku terima dari TMNet.

We wish to inform our customers that the Internet service is currently experiencing a degradation in performance caused by several outages at some of the international links. This is attributed to the Richter 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck off the southern coast of Taiwan at 12.07 a.m. on 27th December 2006, which caused the APCN2 (Asia Pacific Cable Network 2) submarine cable fault between Shantou, China and Tanshui, Taiwan and between Lantau, Hong Kong and Chongming, China.

This has caused outages at several TM Net international transit and peering links, mainly to the said countries. As a result, Internet users in Malaysia and other parts of Asia may be experiencing some delay when assessing content and websites hosted outside of Malaysia, especially in U.S., Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and Europe. TM Net has taken immediate action to divert traffic through other back-up links to reduce the traffic congestion.

The international providers are carrying out immediate restoration works to rectify the problem. We will be making further announcements when the service has resumed.

TM Net Sdn Bhd apologizes for any inconvenience caused whilst at the same time, we would like to assure you that we are doing all that is necessary in order to restore the service as soon as possible.

note: tak kan mintak maap ajer,bil bulan nie kalau boleh bagi lah diskaun sikit...!

Nie plak News yang aku dapat dari member aku yang kerja kat TMNet:
Semasa link putus :
Most of the traffic will go via 4 x 155M UK and 1Gbps NTT Verio via HK. Most of the time all of these links is congested at 95%.

Good news:
1) 2 x 622Mbps and 1 x 155Mbps to US will be restored soon, target date 5/1/2007. -
2) 1x 2.5Gbps new link to Amsterdam will be up within next week, physical circuit is up and ready.

Bad news:
1) 1 x 155Mbps to UK flapping since 1:12 a.m. today and it is getting worst starting from 2:48 p.m. IPNOC will perfrom a testing and this will require downtime.

Latest news:
Update submarine cable failure 27/12/2006:

1) 1 x 2.5Gbps link to Amsterdam currently up and running. Current utilization IN/OUT 500Mbps / 0Mbps 20% / 0% (peak hours)
2) 1 x 155Mbps link to KDDI Japan restored at 5:07 p.m. 2/1/2007. Current utilization IN/OUT 147Mbps / 95Mbps 95% / 61% (peak hours)
3) 2 x 622Mbps links to US will not restore by 5/1/2007 due to lack of capacity. .

sekian tq

Nota: Nampak gaya sampai hujung bulan nie lar kita semua terpaksa meleleh air liur dok tunggu line slow giler nih...

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